New Dates for Conscious Living Earth Expo 2021

New Dates for Conscious Living Earth Expo 2021

Due to the ongoing uncertainty created by the Corona Virus restrictions in Australia the dates for the 2021 Conscious Living Earth Expo have now been postponed until November 20-21. In response to the restrictions on live gatherings, our team is creating an Online Platform to showcase the services, products, and events of the businesses and organizations that are contributing to a healthy sustainable future.

The good news is that there is now an online community platform for sharing ideas and building connections as an alternative to Facebook where comments and information will not be censored. Join

We are also building an online platform for our exhibitors to showcase their products and services and host their webinars as well as sell their products and services. Visitors will enjoy receiving loyalty points which can be used to earn free samples, products, and prizes as well as tickets to movies and seminars.  

Over the coming weeks, we will be holding online interactive events with Speakers on Climate Change, Regenerative Agriculture, Earth Wisdom, the New Economy, Earth Parenting, Sustainable Pathways to a Healthy Future, Conservation of Native Habitats, Green Technologies for home and work and we will be interviewing our resilient small business owners and practitioners about how they are responding to the economic and environmental challenges of our time.

Earth Day Event April 22nd AWST 11am-1pm

Earth Day Event April 22nd AWST 11am-1pm


Imagine a world where people live in peace and harmony with nature and one another.  Health is a normal way of life. Individuals express their full potential as spiritually awakened beings and contribute their wisdom and life skills to develop and benefit their communities.  People live sustainably and abundantly within thriving communities that care for the wellbeing of the Earth and all forms of life.

Join us for the launch of the  OneUsOneEarth series of online events with leading authors, teachers and speakers who share their vision, insights and expertise in mapping ways of living an awakened life on Earth.  

In this first event we are proud to present an interactive 2 hour session where you can watch our presenters on Zoom via your mobile phone or tablet or computer.  You are invited to send in your questions prior to the Webinar or you can ask your questions during the session.  When you register for the event you will have the option of joining our monthly membership to the OneUsOneEarth community which will give you free access to all the webinars and events that will take place during the year as well as discounts and special offers, online courses and access to the community forums and groups.

​5G  How it Affects our Physical Health and Emotional Wellbeing — Gerard Bini

5G is a big health risk to the public and is probably worse than anyone could imagine. The 5G charge is vertical rather than horizontal, which makes it impossible to avoid the EMF’s that are given off, and it has the potential to knock out the natural radiant Earth Ley Line Grids.  Gerard will share his research and how you can minimise the effects of this form of radiation on your health.

Heart Time on the Planet –   Dr Sherrill Sellman ND

When people bring their physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart’s intuitive guidance, we can truly access the power to heal and regenerate all of life.  This unfolds the path for becoming heart-empowered individuals who choose the path of love.  The way of healing is through compassionate care for the well-being of ourselves, others and Gaia. The power of Gratitude is a key to health and happiness and heart coherence for the transformation that is now occurring on the planet. Learn simple ways to expand heart coherence. We were born to be here at this time!

Regeneration – Restoring our World with Indigenous Wisdom – Isira

We are standing at a crossroads. Faced with so many warning signs – climate change, the rise of populism, poverty, stress and anxiety – which way do we turn? Isira will share how the answer lies in consciously evolving our minds and reconnecting to the universal wisdom that permeates Indigenous traditions around the world. She calls these ‘The 4 Pillars of Lore.’ Isira will outline how this universal and ancient wisdom can guide us in awakening, restoring ourselves, rebuilding our relationships, and regenerating our world.

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