Due to the ongoing uncertainty created by the Corona Virus restrictions in Australia the dates for the 2021 Conscious Living Earth Expo have now been postponed until November 20-21. In response to the restrictions on live gatherings, our team is creating an Online Platform to showcase the services, products, and events of the businesses and organizations that are contributing to a healthy sustainable future.

The good news is that there is now an online community platform for sharing ideas and building connections as an alternative to Facebook where comments and information will not be censored. Join https://community.oneusoneearth.net/

We are also building an online platform for our exhibitors to showcase their products and services and host their webinars as well as sell their products and services. Visitors will enjoy receiving loyalty points which can be used to earn free samples, products, and prizes as well as tickets to movies and seminars.  

Over the coming weeks, we will be holding online interactive events with Speakers on Climate Change, Regenerative Agriculture, Earth Wisdom, the New Economy, Earth Parenting, Sustainable Pathways to a Healthy Future, Conservation of Native Habitats, Green Technologies for home and work and we will be interviewing our resilient small business owners and practitioners about how they are responding to the economic and environmental challenges of our time.