Share with an Audience


Inform Inspire and Empower Your Audience

Your seminar/workshop/talk/session will be promoted to the thousands of people in WA who are specifically interested in sustaining the environment and their health and wellness through our media and marketing campaign. This is a valuable opportunity to present your services and programs to a targeted audience at a professional forum. Generate new clients and build your list.   You will be introduced by our professional MC and provided with a stage, screen, data projector, and microphone – (lapel handheld or headset). 

What Exposure do you Receive?

  • Your Speaker profile is featured on the website with your image, bio, presentation content, books, products, courses, videos and contact details, bio and links back to your website and Facebook page
  • Your talk/seminar/workshop is included in the digital program which is circulated to 10,000 + people
  • Your seminar/workshop is publicised in the Expo Newsletter emailed  to 10,000 + recipients
  • Your seminar/workshop is shared  on social media in Facebook and Instagram posts 

Speaker Options

Please note that  Speaker Spots are a service that we provide for our Exhibitors. In special cases we do accept a few applications for Keynote Speaker Workshops and Seminars from non exhibitors.

  • 20 minute  talk/demo/ $125 + gst or a  performance ( no charge) at the Earth Village Main Stage 
  • 20 minute talk $125 + gst or 45 -60-minute Seminar or Workshop in the Workshop Marquee $225 + gst
  • 30-45-minute experiential session eg Meditation, Sound Healing, Yoga, Tai Chi in the Sound Temple Marquee $125 + gst