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Conscious Living Expo 

Having introduced thousands of people in WA to the benefits of natural therapies, spiritual consciousness and sustainable living at the Conscious Living and Living Well in WA Expos over the past 33 years, we see an urgent need to create a healthier and more harmonious way of living by more deeply connecting with our body mind and spiritual awareness, with each other and with our  natural environment.   

The Conscious Living Expo is a co-creative community event bringing together businesses and speakers  promoting healthy and environmentally sustainable ways of living – in home and garden design, parenting, transport, food and farming, mental health and wellbeing , indigenous  and spiritual wisdom, art, nature conservation and community.  The 2 day event includes over 100 exhibitors, Speaker Talks and Workshops, Health and Wellbeing services, Experiences in Sound Healing, Meditation and Mindfulness, Psychic Readings, Local Musicians and Artists plus delicious vegetarian vegan, organic food and wine and earth play activities for Kids.

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 In the beautiful natural grounds of the University of WA , individuals and families, business people,  educational institutions, government bodies, scientists and academics  and community organizations will gather to connect and enjoy learning  about conservation and sustainable solutions that will make a difference.  It is the perfect place to source products, connect with like minded people,  Find out about the exciting new projects and innovations that are happening here  in Perth , Be exposed to new ideas and technologies and experience more sustainable ways of living in harmony with nature.

Please join us . Bring your Ideas Your Vision, Your Participation

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to connect people with those individuals, businesses and organisations that are contributing to a healthy and sustainable way of living in harmony with nature, to create a better, kinder and cleaner world, now and for future generations.

Our Vision

To be the leading community event and changemaking educational forum to inspire and empower people to co-create environmentally sustainable, conscious and naturally healthy ways of living.

We believe passionately in the power of personal experiences and the potential of connections and ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.


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