Psychic Readers 


A Marquee is provided for psychics and intuitive guidance practitioners to offer individual readings for visitors.  A table and 2 Chairs are provided and bookings are managed by the Conscious Living Expo.

 Personal Profile  Each Reader receives a  personal bio and a short description of their reading with a colour photograph displayed at the Entrance.  The Reader’s photo and description of reading is also published online.   Readers receive complimentary tickets for their friends and family and have access to free tea, coffee and water in the Exhibitor Lounge during the Expo. Readers are given breaks for tea and coffee and lunch in between reading appointments.

FEES  A Registration Fee is payable of  $95 + gst  REGISTER HERE

The Practitioner receives  $25 inc gst per reading of 20 minutes duration.  The Intuitive Guidance Reading Ticket is  $50

See the Floorplan Here

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